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Reykjavik Youth

An intimate look into the underground music and youth culture in Iceland.

CLIENT: Monster Children

In the past years the rap scene in Iceland has been getting more lucrative and making it the most popular new genre in the country. It has shown that it is mostly popular by Icelandic teens and young adults and has spawned artists like Sturla Atlas and Joey Christ, who have videos on YouTube that have more views than the whole population of Iceland. To North Americans view count don’t seem like a big deal, but in a country where the population is only 330 thousand, it’s a different story.

Iceland has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with around 1.7 million visitors every year. Because of the influx of people there has been a lot of foreign press and many foreigners fly to Iceland to document the culture, music and nature which means that all the stories have been told through foreign eyes. With this series I want to take an intimate look into the local youth culture and use my connections as an Icelander to really capture locals in a way that hasn’t been done.


STYLING by Juliann McCandless